Shelby VINs (Vehicle Identification Numbers)

Where to Find Them and What They Mean

VIN Locations:

  • The numbers are stamped into the aluminum manufacturer's plate which is pop-riveted to the driver's side inner fender panel, over the Ford VIN at the notch in the fender edge. It is visible when the hood is open.
  • Stamped into the passenger's side inner front fender panel, approximately halfway between the radiator support and the firewall. Visible when the hood is open.
  • Ford serial number stamped into inner fender panel; one covered by Shelby serial number plate, other two covered by edge of the front fenders, not visible when the hood is open.
  • Ford door data plates were not installed at the factory; holes were drilled and are sometimes filled with rivets but no data plates were used.

The VIN Breakdown for a sample 1967 GT500 car: 67410F5A00339

67 - Model year

2 - Engine (2 - 289; 4 - 428)

0 - Transmission (0 - 4 speed; 1 - automatic)

0 - Base vehicle component (1 - Ford air conditioning; 2 - thermactor exhaust system; 3 - air conditioning and thermactor exhaust)

F - Body style (Fastback)

2 - Exterior color

1 - Bronze Metallic
2 - Dark Blue Metallic
3 - Raven Black
4 - Wimbledon White
5 - Dark Moss Green
6 - Medium Metallic Grey
7 - Lime Green
8 - Brittany Blue
9 - Red
0 - Medium Blue/Acapulco Blue

A - Interior Trim - A - Black; U - Parchment or white;
(Some early cars had no interior code in the VIN.)

00339 - consecutive production number; begins with 001 and ends with 03225

Note that the consecutive Shelby production numbers began with “0001” and ended with “03225”. If there is a missing digit, it could still be the correct VIN for the car. Also, cars produced by Shelby were not produced in sequential numeric order. The work orders contained the VIN and were sent down the production line, almost at random, to be built.

Ford VIN’s (different from Shelby) were produced consecutively beginning with number 100001 and continued numbering cars consecutively. Shelby bound Mustangs were built in large groups and within those groups they had consecutive production numbers. The groups of Shelby cars were, however, interspersed with standard Mustangs, Falcons and Fairlanes which were also built at that plant.