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Feeling a bit frustrated?

If you have made it to this page, you have probably been looking for an investment quality, classic Mustang, Shelby Mustang, or Shelby Cobra for a while and haven't been able to find what you want. We hear and read your frustration every day in phone calls and e-mail. There is no question that classic Mustangs have shown significant appreciation over the last few years, and those in "excellent" condition are getting harder to find in a seller's market. Notwithstanding these facts, investment quality classic Mustangs can still be purchased at reasonable prices.

A seller's market?

While prices have risen, quality classic 1965-1973 Mustangs at affordable prices are still available. We find them because we have sources for classic Mustangs that don't exist anyplace else. The reason is pretty simple. Over the years, we have developed an extensive database of Mustang owners to whom we have sold parts, accessories, and cars. Hundreds more from the US and around have called or corresponded with us. This customer database is private, and not shared with any other company or individual.

Our database of hundreds of quality classic Mustangs potentially for sale, but the owners may not have taken action, or don't know it yet! We provide information about investment quality, classic Mustangs to our clients who make unsolicited offers to purchase them from Mustang owners in our database, and others. We've had excellent success at locating the right vehicle at the right price.

What, exactly, do we do?

The majority of cars you see in our "Mustangs For Sale" section are owned by individuals throughout the US and Canada. They have asked us to list their cars for them and handle inquiries. We organize the marketing of the cars and make sure due diligence is done before purchase. We provide a "turn-key" locating, evaluation, inspection, appraisal, purchase, and delivery service for buyers of investment quality Mustangs, Shelby's, and Cobras. Our clients are both domestic and international, and we can deliver cars anywhere in the world.

Since we don't stock many cars, we may not have exactly what you are looking for in our dealer inventory. However, our "external inventory" of cars is vast, which gives us an opportunity to evaluate many more cars on your behalf. We will locate a collector quality car you will enjoy, and with the options you are looking for.

With our service, you save additional money because you don't pay to ship a car twice. In most cases, we ship it directly from the seller to you via a licensed, bonded, and insured auto transporter. Most dealers purchase a car and pay to have it shipped to their location. That cost is built into their price (an extra $600-$2,000). You pay for shipping a second time when it is transported from the dealer to your location.

Since we look at almost every classic Mustang and Shelby for sale in North America, you have a much better chance of finding the right car at the right price. Unlike a traditional car dealer, we represent the buyer, not the seller.

Another significant advantage is our value guarantee. If you buy one of our cars, keep it for seven years and decide you want to trade it for something else, we will give you 100% of the price you paid for it as trade-in value toward any other car you purchase from us of equal or greater value. To qualify for the full price trade in, you have to keep the car in the condition in which we sold it to you, and use it no more than 2,500 miles in a year. No wrecked, modified, painted, or abused vehicles qualify. In short, treat it as an investment and we will guarantee you won't lose money.

Why do you need us?

Buying a 40+ year old Mustang can be a risky venture. In the mid to late 60's, Ford had no idea these cars would be around decades later, and buying one that hasn't been properly maintained, or restored, can be an expensive lesson. You want one that will pass the kind of inspection you would expect of an investment quality vehicle. We make sure that happens, and that you are getting what you pay for. Through our appraisal process, we make sure you are buying a quality vehicle and making best deal possible.

Note: If you are looking for a "fixer upper", for less than $15,000 in fair market value, we can't help you. We only sell "very good" or better quality cars. The reason is simple. We like happy customers. It has been our experience that you are far better off buying a classic Mustang (or any other classic for that matter) that is as nice as possible, rather than buying one that needs significant work. Take the advice of someone who has lost a lot of money on restoration projects, and learned expensive lessons. It just doesn't pencil. Even if you do all the work yourself, you'll break even, at best. We are recognized as a company that sells quality vehicles, and we like happy customers. We won't jeopardize our reputation by selling less than top quality cars.

How do we do business?

From the customer's perspective, doing business with us is simple... Complete our questionnaire, tell us what you want, send us a small deposit, and we will find a Classic or late model Mustang, GT350, GT500, or Cobra to match your specifications. Searches can take from a few days to several weeks, depending on the type of Mustang or Shelby you're looking for, and the extent of your requirements.

We shop the US and Canada to find cars at reasonable prices. We represent you in the purchasing process and charge a 10% commission upon purchase of your car. Our minimum commission is $1,500. We will save you that much, or more, in the process of purchasing your car, and secure one with potential for appreciation, based on past performance.

Before we recommend a car for purchase, we evaluate each vehicle carefully and analyze a broad range of information and data. Here is a partial list of more than 150 inspection points:

Sample Graph

We evaluate each prospective purchase vehicle carefully and analyze a broad range of information and data. Here is a partial list of more than 150 inspection points:

  • VIN - Decoding Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) and data plates to determine if numbers match, where the car was made, and what modifications have been made since manufacture. Original Equipment - We request a "History 999" report from Ford Motor Company and/or a Marti VIN report which tells us information about the original equipment on the vehicle (the next best thing to having the original window sticker).
  • Maintenance - We review all maintenance, original documents, and repair records, as far back as possible.
  • Structural Integrity - A thorough inspection of the unibody is completed, including torque boxes. frame rails, floor pans, shock towers, etc.
  • Car Body - We inspect body panels to determine the amount and location of body filler (Bondo) that may be present. We inspect the paint thoroughly for quality and condition.
  • Interior Soft Trim - The interior is inspected including headliner, upholstery, carpeting, seats, tracks, seat adjustments, parking brake, etc. Seats, tracks, seat adjustments, parking brake are tested for proper working condition.
  • Electrical Components - All exterior lights are tested. Interior electrical components are tested (panel lights, interior lights, horn, gauges, cigarette lighter, ash tray, glove box light, console (if applicable), and shift selector light.
  • Under the Hood - Visual inspection of engine compartment including all fluids, belts, hoses, wiring, filters, battery.
  • Rolling Gear - Remove wheels and inspect brakes, shoes, drums, calipers and pads, wheels, tires, and tread depth. We inspect for uneven tire wear which indicates an alignment problem or worn suspension parts.
  • Under the Car - The car is put on a rack and the under side is inspected for damage, worn bushings, worn drive shaft and universal joints, differential seal leaks, transmission leaks, engine leaks, proper rear end grease levels.
  • Road Test - The car is thoroughly road tested on both the highway and city streets. We look for how the car tracks down the highway, handles turns and winding streets, wind noises, vibration, smooth up and down shifting, acceleration and brake test.

We compile a complete ten page report on the vehicle along with a set of digital photographs taken of the interior, exterior, engine compartment, undercarriage and trunk. We ask the seller for a disclosure statement telling us all he knows about the car, its strengths and any flaws.

After the inspections are complete, we e-mail our report and pictures to you for your final OK. We then negotiate with the seller on your behalf for the best price, which is your purchase price, plus our 10% commission. We arrange shipping via a licensed and fully insured company at a significant discount over what you would expect to pay on your own. Once your vehicle is in transit, we forward copies of all transportation and freight forwarding information to you, and advise when you can expect delivery of your Classic Mustang, Shelby or Cobra.

Before we can begin the process of finding your car, we require a retainer of $500.00 US currency. These funds are retained for payment of a garage inspection using our format and check list (typically a $250-$350 expense). Before a car is inspected, we will evaluate a complete set of recent photographs and disclosure statement regarding condition. If we like what we see and hear from the seller, we recommend an inspection. It is your option to inspect the car, or pass and continue the search.

One of three things happens during the garage inspection:

  1. The car is rejected because it is found to have hidden defects, or is in need of repair beyond acceptable limits. (Typically not the case.)
  2. The car is not in the condition we expected, but is acceptable with minor cosmetic or mechanical attention. You are informed and you make the call whether we should investigate further, or search elsewhere. If you decide you like the car and would consider buying it, we use the results of the inspection to negotiate with the seller for a better price. (This happens frequently.)
  3. The car is in "as advertised" condition and is accepted. (Note: We find problems with ALL cars we inspect. Usually they are minor (bad grounds, inoperative fan blower, minor fluid seepage from seals and gaskets, typically caused by inactivity.)

What happens after the garage inspection?

If we make the effort to inspect a classic Mustang, more than 95% of the time we find the car to be as advertised, or have only minor issues that need attention. If the car falls into the 5% category and is rejected, there is no additional cost to you. We hold the balance of the funds and locate another car for you. Any funds you pay to us which were not invested in pre-purchase inspections apply toward our fee of 10% of the selling price of the car.

Once we locate the classic Mustang you want, inspect it, and negotiate the sale, we arrange transportation through one of our preferred partners. Door-to-door, enclosed shipping ranges from $250 to $2,000, depending on location of the car, and destination.

International transportation via surface freight to Europe or Australia typically ranges from $750 to $1,250 depending on destination. This does not include insurance, duties, tax, devanning, or port charges at the destination.

Our process of inspection, evaluation and appraisal is available for any investment caliber, Mustang, Shelby, or Cobra located anywhere in North America. Write us for more details.

Entrust your next Mustang purchase to We would be happy to provide references and any additional information you may request.

To begin the process click here. It takes about four minutes to compete our customer questionnaire. After you complete it, we will review it and confirm via email. Thanks!

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Note: Vehicles listed in our "Mustangs for Sale" section are owned, and submitted for sale by companies and individuals not associated or affiliated with SW Dynamic Motorsports, LLC. We make no guarantees, expressed or implied, regarding the authenticity of the listings, or the representation of the vehicles by their owners. We are not responsible for any errors or omissions. We recommend that buyers perform a thorough pre-purchase inspection before purchasing any vehicle.